Scala is young, she is only seven months old. This former music-hall in the Boulevard de Strasbourg (Xe), which became movies, then porn movies in the seventies, raised by Melanie and Frédéric Biessy in show room state of the art, drew up this Thursday, April 11, a first balance sheet.

Since September, the hall with 550 seats can boast of having attracted 55,000 spectators. For an average age, and it’s pretty remarkable at the theater, 29-year-old. A figure flattering, well-boosted by the arrival of 4500 school. By following a philosophy editorial assumed, that of proposing a “hybrid” combining theatre, music and dance, and to alternate between reception and creation, the Scala has focused on a few big names. Include, just for the first few months of its existence, the performances of Thomas Jolly ( Harlequin polished by love ), or Yasmina Reza ( In the luge d Arthur Schopenhauer ), co-produced by la Scala.

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But the big hit of the season remains the eponymous Scala , an in-house creation which is entrusted to the acrobat Yoann Bourgeois for the inauguration of the room. The show, between the dance and the circus, is now in the world. Because it had to wipe a few casts, the rest of the year was more complicated. Some artists have been déprogrammés, such as Alain Platel. The white cards have been reduced. An example with the choreographer Aurélien Bory, who was unable to present his trilogy of portraits of women that the show aSH .

While many theatres have seen their programming to a close, the end of the season of la Scala still reserve some surprises. Which adaptations a contemporary of The Iliad and The Odyssey by Pauline Bayle in may, or the coming of Pierre Richard, who will play ” Small praise of the night after Ingrid Astier in June, next theatre. The soap opera I’m going, but the State remains Hugues Duchêne, that mixes theatre, documentary and fiction about the linkages between art and power, will be held from 8 to 11 may. The author, present at this presentation, assured to follow including all the episodes of the case of Benalla, to stage “five hours of theatre, following the five years of the quinquennium Macron”.

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Melanie and Frédéric Biessy, president and director of the Scala, Paris. JOEL SAGET/AFP Philippe Torreton, Audrey Fleurot and Francois Morel

“It was a very heavy investment (we’re talking about twelve million euros, editor’s note) that begin in this bet, in this utopia. There were still a hundred workers on site six hours before the opening,” smiled Melanie Biessy, owner and associate manager of the fund Antin Infrastructure Partners. Note that Scala, which intends to continue its policy of creation, calls for public money. The City of Paris has indicated that it does not give nothing, but the theatre should be able to count on aid for the creation of the Ile-de-France and of the State.

Frédéric Biessy, with their advisor, editorial Olivier Schmitt, have redefined the “spirit ” Scala”: to give importance to “that which escapes us”, offer cards white artists to assert itself as a place of life, where night lasts. In particular thanks to the restaurant & bar of the theatre. Before drawing the contours of the season 2019-2020. Created the Célestins in Lyon, directed by Claudia Stavisky of The Life of Galileo, with Philippe Torreton in the title role, will open in early September.

The excellent I have my doubts, the performance of François Morel, who reads texts by Raymond Devos (presented at the Roundabout last December) will raise the curtain in November. Harry Lloyd, Viserys Targaryen brutally murdered, Game of Thrones , was back in the saddle in Notes from Underground ( Carnets du sous-sol ) adapted from Dostoevsky, under the direction of Gérald Garutti. It will be followed by a Panic! after The Pyramid of Copi and The Thigh of the steward of Jean-Michel Ribes, directed by Josephine de Meaux.

chapter creations, to horse between 2019 and 2020, the project 1h30 to love anyway the actress and director Isild Le Besco, still being written, will be articulated between improv and video. Also this Thursday, Audrey Fleurot introduced Bug , directed by “his best friend” Emmanuel Daumas. This adaptation of the eponymous film by William Friedkin (himself from a piece of Tracy Letts) will raise the curtain on march 25, 2019. “I’ll play a waitress in a seedy bar, in front of an old GI traumatized,” explained the actress, who went in may in a bilingual version of the Tartuffe in London alongside Michael C. Hall. “These two solitudes will meet, and go into the madness of the other,” she added, promising gore effects and Grand-Guignol!

This is not all. The season of dance and circus, will reveal more clearly in the coming months. The programming of contemporary music, produced entirely by the Scala (thanks to the aid given by the Sacem and the Mécénat Musical Société Générale), was unveiled by Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier. Also note the “Midnight Show” that will pay tribute one weekend per month at the sulphur passive underground places, under the direction of Marianne Chargois, a performer, a dancer, a dominatrix and sex worker.