The canadian singer would be dead and replaced by a clone? The crazy rumor is circulating on the web since 2015. It has been popularized for the first time by a fan of brazilian via a YouTube video that has over 3 million views. He underlined, photos, all the physical similarities between the star and his alleged successor, Melissa Vandella. This fan shares his hypothesis that Avril Lavigne would have committed suicide at the age of twenty years following the death of his grand-father.

According to him, his label of the time, Arista Records , would have ended up weakened after the loss of their artist more popular. It is as well that the record company would have hired Melissa Vandella, the look-alike of Avril Lavigne, to replace it. On the scale of the conspiracy theories, it is not far from the highest bars.

Those who believe in this conspiracy reiterate regularly that assertion, pointing out inconsistencies over the years in the appearance of Avril Lavigne. On his skin, the corner of his eyes, or the style of dress of the star.

career break

Weakened by the Lyme disease, the singer has been forced to set aside his career for a few years. “I think I was on the point of dying. I had this strange feeling of being on the point of falling off a cliff”, she explained. Before adding: “coming out of this dark period, I had the impression of drowning me under the water and take to the air. It was then that I literally said: “My God, help me to keep the head out of the water”.”

After being momentarily withdrawn from the media scene, Avril Lavigne is back on Twitter and made a point on his musical situation and his state of mind.

Although Avril Lavigne describes his health as being still fragile, she is happy to be able to work again. “I’m able to make music and make videos. I came up here,” she added, when asked by Entertainment Weekly, referring to the output, in 2018, its first single in five years, Head Above Water

Avril Lavigne signs his return after flirting with death – Watch on Figaro Live

A rumor “stupid”

Asked about the conspiracy theory that never ceases to hit her, she wished to make things clear, and says that “it’s just a rumor idiot on the Internet and I’m astounded that people spread. Isn’t it weird? It is in any case very silly”.

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I’m so excited that I can finally share with you that my new album will be released on February 15, 2019. You can pre-order #HeadAboveWater at link in bio

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waiting for his album which will be released this Friday, April Lavigne has released a new title in collaboration with Nicki Minaj, entitled Dumb Blonde . She sings this chorus: “Look me prove to you that you are wrong.” A nod to his detractors, perhaps?