“There’s no way Djadja”, a phrase that resonates since last summer in less than 25 years. 335 million views on YouTube for Djadja and a nomination for the Victoires de la musique later, the singer from Mali reign on the R & B French.

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Born in Bamako in 1995 into a family of griots, Aya Danioko spent his childhood in France. Behavior , Girlfriends or Dot are the titles that contribute to their success. 150 000 albums sold in 2018, the top 15 albums sold in France in the category “rap and urban music”. The recipe? Song lyrics simple but sharp, sometimes feminists, who are screened by its many fans and sometimes cause heated debates.

But also a very controlled, the young woman changes very often to color hair from blonde to white, to blue. This phenomenon viral R & B located in its public recognition, which gives her a platinum disc for Nakamura lately. She was at the Printemps de Bourges in April.

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in The netherlands, who had not seen the French rise in sales since Édith Piaf, its success is immense to the point of being a gold disk. His music is also fueled by a few outings in public about his private life over the Internet. The range perfect to keep at the top of the charts even for a moment.

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