Oscar for best documentary in 1968, The Section Anderson of Pierre Schoendoerffer was never out in the room. In fact, the film was made in the framework of the famous program Five columns . Here for the first time, in a restored version, in a beautiful black and white, a work that some consider as one of the greatest stories of war.

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In 1966, Schoendoerffer returned to Vietnam, this time in full american war. For six weeks he filmed the soldiers of the section of the lieutenant Anderson, through the jungle of the highlands. The camera stands in the middle of these very young people (many of them are conscripts, barely out of their teens), walking with them in search of an invisible enemy, share in the ordinary occupations, from shaving to reading mail (or Playboy) and sudden skirmishes in the comings-and-goings of the helicopters carrying the injured.

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We know their names and their faces, and the blues sung by one of the soldiers accompany the smoke of their cigarettes. Or the tubes have been broadcast on the radio: “These boots are made for walking…” It takes a great talent to get to this story extremely stripped, but of an intense humanity.

Section Anderson, documentary by Pierre Schoendoerffer (1967). Duration: 1: 07.