They were accustomed to see the small rat, the muzzle wrapped, pencil in the legs. This weekend, motorists and pedestrians, parisians have been able to account for the lack of the rodent painted by the street british artist Banksy on a panel in the vicinity of the Centre Pompidou.

on Thursday morning, BFMTV publishes images of flight, captured by a riparian woken up by the noise in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

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The rat is hidden, the signature of the street artist Banksy, -/AFP

A man appeared on a platform, in the process of cutting the panel on which is carried the work of the very wealthy artist. Dressed in a yellow jacket, “as if he was a city employee in the course of performing of work,” specify our brothers, the unknown has been tough in the eyes of all for nearly an hour, before leaving in a truck parked not far away with the drawing of Banksy.

The stencil was created by street artist during his time in the City of Light in June 2018 on a panel in the vicinity of the underground parking of the Pompidou centre. A first attempt of flight was interrupted by security officers of the institution as early as July 2018.

The Centre Pompidou has filed a complaint for theft and damage. An investigation has been opened by the public prosecutor of Paris.