“I know that you have not decided, but you the doors of this heritage, then learn to do it with.” On the occasion of the international Day of the rights of women on Friday 8 march, Barbara Pravi has delivered another year of rewriting. After his recovery from Kid Eddy de Pretto last year, the singer repeated the experience with this time Notes for later of Orelsan for base. A strong call for the empowerment of women.

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The message was already powerful when Orelsan was speaking to the men of his audience, it is just as after its passage through the box Barbara Pravi. “Learn to love you.” The words of his rewrite are open to all, women adults as well as young children, and encourage them to accept, to trust, and to dare without caring about the opinions of others. Surrounded by several women, the singer goes straight to the point: “You want to become a patron? Then become a patron. Never let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough.”

In the second part of his song, Barbara Pravi takes a turn darker in addressing issues of domestic violence and sexual. “If you care about a slap in the face, will you do that to the trunk. If it affects you so that you don’t want, should not you find it normal.” According to the data 2017 to the government, approximately around 220,000 women are subjected each year to violence by their spouse or ex-companion. “There are no exceptions, no excuses, it is that of the mytho” slame Barbara Pravii in front of the camera. “Once, twice, three times – don’t expect that too much.”

She recalled that the abuse can be physical but also verbal. “You’re too strong, you are too beautiful, too important,” she insists, before embarking on his title, The Malamour , to say farewell to the blows that we take for hugs”. This new single available on all platforms, will donate all its profits to the association “the house of The women”, which provides assistance to vulnerable women and victims of violence.

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as Revealed by his role in the musical A summer 44 in 2016, Barbara Pravi has released her first album “pop-text” in may 2018, and assured the first part of the concert of the Florent Pagny. Before embarking on a musical career, the young artist of 25 years working in a parisian bar.