After the story apocalyptic The End , where Zep imagine a drama of planetary orchestrated by the trees who decide to eliminate a large part of humanity, the father of Titeuf offers a vision no less dramatic in Paris. His new album, Paris 2119 , brilliantly designed by Dominique Bertail, staged Tristan and Kloé, in a capital more century-old, hypertechnologique and tarnished by incessant rain due to “a program of disinfection of the atmosphere.”

Clones, drones, and holograms have colonized the streets of the capital emptied of its population that does not travel via the Transcore, a cabin of teleportation individual posted on every street corner. A dehumanization that laments Tristan Keys, which rejects any new form of technology. The young rebel the false air of Robert Pattinson in black jacket, continues to walk the streets barren and the subway is frequented by marginal undesirable part of town.

Unlike his girlfriend, Kloé, adept unconditional teleportation. During his travels citadines, the young man is confronted with further facts in addition to worrying that will lead him to wonder about the behind-the-scenes. His quest for the truth will not be taste of everyone.

The Geneva Philippe Chappuis, better known by the three letters “PTA”, had the idea of this story of anticipation while walking one evening in a deserted Paris. His imagination is then packed to a story that he intended for her, already her friend, Dominique Bertail.

Elegant, icy beauty, the capital staged by the duo is both fascinating and terrifying. Between Blade Runner , Back to the future or Star Trek , Paris 2119 has found its place between science-fiction, thriller and romance. And draws the portrait of a capital that was insulted, tortured, or released, is not less beautifully romantic.