images are atrocious. A fire began Monday around 18: 30 in the attic of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. According to the first elements of the investigation, the fire would be triggered at the level of the restoration work. A disaster, a priori, accidental reminiscent of other tragedies that have occurred in the most beautiful monuments in the world.

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● The national Museum of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The national Museum of Rio was known for the richness of its collections of paleontology. CARL DE SOUZA/AFP

In the night of 2 and 3 September 2018, the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro is reduced to ashes by a fire advantage of the air conditioning system. Considered as the main natural history museum in Latin America, this museum, which had celebrated its bicentenary in 2018 was particularly renowned for the richness of its collections of paleontology.

It was the skeleton of a dinosaur found in the Minas Gerais as well as 26.000 fossils of other extinct species, like the sabre toothed tigers. On his Twitter account, the museum has sent a message of support to France.

● Holy Shroud rescued from the flames at Turin in Italy

The cardinal of Turin Severino Poletto in front of the Shroud restored in October 2002. Del Bo/©Rue des Archives/CPA2

In 1997, the cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste and the Royal Palace of Turin, in the north-west of Italy, were razed by a fire. The Holy Shroud, one of the relics of the most venerated by catholics, is rescued by a firefighter who managed to break with hammer blows to the protection of bulletproof glass that protected it. It is the shroud that would have, according to tradition, wrapped the body of Christ after his descent from the cross.

● Fenice of Venice in Italy

The famous building has been rebuilt twice after two fires in 1836 and 1996. ANDREA MEROLA/AFP

In 1996, the opera theatre of Venice, the Fenice, was completely destroyed by a fire. This theatre, inaugurated in 1792, was one of the most prestigious in the world.

Two electricians were sentenced to six and seven years in prison, accused of having set fire to avoid paying penalties for late work. It reopened in 2004.

It had already been destroyed by a first fire in December 1836, before being rebuilt in identical form. He had been able to reopen one year later, the day after Christmas, 1837. On his Twitter account, the institution also sent a message of hope : “We have been attacked by the fire, but the fire we have come out stronger than before. We are with you, my friends, do not be afraid!”

● Liceo of Barcelona in Spain

In 1994, the Liceo in Barcelona, the most famous Spanish opera scene, dating back nearly 150 years, located in the city centre, is destroyed in a fire caused by welding work, doing a wounded light. It has been rebuilt.

The Windsor castle in England

On November 20, 1992, the entire north-eastern part of Windsor castle, a royal residence west of London, was ravaged by a fire. The claim, that savings of correctness of the private apartments of the queen, began in the chapel, where a projector placed too near a curtain ignited the fabric.

The castle reopens to the public in 1997 after five years of restoration works of a hundred of damaged parts.

The library of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The library in Sarajevo burned down by the gunners serbs in the night of 25 to 26 August 1992. MANOOCHER DEGHATI/AFP

Bosnia has experienced from 1992 to 1995, a war of inter-community, which has approximately 100,000 deaths, most of them muslim bosnians.

On the night of 25 to August 26, 1992, from the mountains above Sarajevo, the gunners serbs burned the national library of Bosnia, building, built in 1896 in pseudo-moorish. The flames did not spare that 300,000 books on more than two million books, including many rare books.

The reconstruction works of the building, reduced to the state of ruin, began in 1996 and have been in part funded by the european Union. The new library was inaugurated in 2014.

The Grand Theatre of Geneva in Switzerland

In 1951, the Grand Théâtre of Geneva, built in the Nineteenth century, was devastated by a fire started by a test of the effect expected for a performance of die Walküre, an opera by Richard Wagner. It reopened in 1962, after eleven years of work. The Grand Theatre reopened in march after three years of renovation work.

The church of Dresden in Germany

On February 13, 1945, the church of Our Lady in Dresden was almost completely destroyed by allied bombing. The reconstruction began in 1994. The building will be refurbished to the same. The works were completed in 2005. The parties of origin can be identified by their black color.

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