Being on the exclusion of Russians trying to fool a fake courier service

every day in Runet appears about 20 sites that mimic the popular delivery services. As reported by “Kommersant”, said a leading analyst Infosecurity a Softline Company Alexander Vurasko.

He said that, for example, there are now about 106 domains with a combination of letters cdek (as in the address of website service delivery SDEK), and the year before there were six. There are also fake sites “Mail of Russia”, Boxberry and peck. Thus, the scammers are trying to cash in on the fact that the Russians comply with the lockdown order products on the Internet.

According to the newspaper, the attackers put up for sale expensive items at a discount, and buyers offer to arrange the delivery. For payment they send the link to a phishing website of the delivery service where the buyer pays for the goods.

Director of Trust & Safety “Avito” Andrew Rybintsev recommends that users check the lock icon in the browser and the website address which should start with https, where the letter s indicates that the site is protected.

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