Installed on the stage, surrounded by instruments, a glass of red wine in hand, a cigarette in the other, Biolay and Poupaud seems to be in their element. For a long time, they both put one foot (or both) in the world of the other. Benjamin Biolay multiplies the incursions in the cinema since the beginning of the years 2000. Melvil Poupaud, him, practice music (bass) with his two brothers Yarol and Cesar Poupaud, with whom he founded the group Black Pussy (around 2012) after project Mud in the 1990s. The two no longer have anything to prove nor cinematically or musically. Born of a friendship and common knowledge (through their daughters), their collaboration is between concert and musical. On stage, wearing costumes and headdresses, the two artists meet, make jokes and sing, sometimes together.

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An album and a show

For Songbook, they have brought together the songs of Boris Vian, Georges Brassens, Serge Gainsbourg and Nino Ferrer, but also of the compositions of Benjamin Biolay for him or for others. An album of crooners as much inspired by the bossa-nova (who lives in the compositions of Biolay particularly since Palermo Hollywood in 2016) that of songs of another time. Edited in double vinyl, Songbook is a unique project intimate, which started with a tour last summer and is continuing with two dates at the Olympia. Two evenings as a meeting between friends that ends with singing around a piano and we would especially not to interrupt.

Olympia 28 boulevard des Capucines (IXe). Tel.: 08 92 68 33 68. Dates: , on 19 and 20 feb. 20 hours. Seating: from 40 to 65 euros.