The wind turned again in favour of Franck Dubosc? The comedian is under fire from critics, who came as a part of the French population and that of other celebrities, seems to happen at the end of his way of the cross. In order to promote his latest show, Fifty/Fifty , the comedian went on the set of Salvation of the Earthlings , where it has announced that it is to be reconciled with the movement of the “yellow Vests”. Last November, he had announced support to the protesters, before condemning their behaviour, “too hateful, too surly, to generate” a month later. Then he recognized the end of march have been awkward in his policy positions, Franck Dubosc did not hesitate to blame his colleagues for him to have turned back by “bitterness” and “jealousy”.

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“Know that you have done much more for France of in bottom in you trimbalant in speedos in Camping that by taking on frontally the position! For me, there is no subject,” says Thierry Ardisson. The presenter enjoys the applause of the audience to ask the artist: “is it that you wake up still in the night in a cold sweat thinking that there are “yellow vests” that you are pursuing?”

Visibly affected, and despite the advice of Michaël Youn not to respond, Franck Dubosc explains to have had the opportunity of “many” meet with “real” supporters of the “yellow vests”. “Not the ones I had left, those I had loved at the beginning,” he says in reference to the reproaches he had addressed to the demonstrators, some time after they have provided support in a publication on Facebook. The actor then took the opportunity to pull out a mini yellow jacket in plastic out of his pocket, a gift from some members of the movement. “They offered me it for a reason that only they know and that you don’t know what!”

A model that Franck Dubosc admit to put on it “all the time” since it was offered. A sticky note? The one who promised to stick only now with his role of “clown” seems to have learned the lesson.

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