Become an expert in the art of publish albums without pre-announcement for 2013, and its Beyoncé , “Queen Bey” struck again Wednesday. The singer has shared the disc surprise Homecoming , consisting of forty titles, and taking the name of his concert edition of 2018’s festival of Coachella. Within this list is a previously unreleased song, studio recording, a cover of Before I Let Go of the group R&B Maze, a title originally released in 1981.

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Involving means huge, with nearly 200 people on scene, the two concerts of Beyonce at Coachella have been hailed as the most memorable of his career. The opening, with a brass band of forty pieces and a choreography is highly sought after, run to the nearest millimetre, will remain as a moment of anthology, a symbol of a show, stuffed full of references to black culture.

Nefertiti of Gni

The performance was a sort of retrospective of the career of Beyoncé Knowles, started more than 20 years with the release of the first album with the group Destiny’s Child in 1997.

Beyoncé had taken advantage of the two concerts, on 14 and 21 April 2018, to re-form briefly for the group and interpret some of her hits, including Say My Name . The husband of the singer, the rapper Jay-Z, had also made an appearance, accompanying Beyoncé on the title déjà Vu . Beyoncé had chained the outfits, also references to black culture, as well as the egyptian queen Nefertiti, which some researchers have argued that it was the black skin.

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After you have regularly granted the priority of its output to the platform of online music, of which her husband is the majority shareholder, Tidal, Beyoncé has, this time, chose to put the album online on all the major streaming services. The live album was released at the same time that a documentary, also titled Homecoming , which shows the backstage of the concerts of Coachella.