Biden is going to attend the funeral of George Floyd

Ex-Vice-President and presumptive Democratic party candidate in the presidential election Joe Biden plans to attend the funeral of the African-American George Floyd, whose death led to massive protests across the country.

according to the newspaper USA Today, this was reported to journalists by the representative of the funeral home, which is organizing the ceremony.

the Funeral of Floyd will be held in Houston next week: on Monday there will be a public farewell Tuesday — closed the ceremony, after which the body will be buried in a cemetery Houston Memorial Gardens. As reported by the media, all the expenses on the organization intends to take on former world champion in five weight categories American boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr..

Recall, George Floyd died in Minneapolis during detention by the police. His death caused mass protests not only in the cities of Minnesota but in other States of the country. In some places the demonstrations went violent, riots and clashes with police.

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