Biden: trump from the White house will have to withdraw the military

In case of a victory on presidential elections of the USA the candidate from the Democratic party current leader of the country Donald trump from the White house will have to withdraw the military. This opinion was expressed by the opponents trump in the race, Joe Biden, reports The Washington Post.

According to him, trump will try to “steal” the victory.

Joe Biden warns that President Trump ‘is going to try to steal this election’

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) June 11, 2020

the tramp didn’t leave the statement unanswered. “If I don’t win I won’t win. I’m moving on and doing other things,” he said in an interview on the Fox News channel, adding that “the country will be very sad” if he loses, but he will lose.

the U.S. Presidential election should pass in the autumn of 2020. Will compete for the post of the representative of the Democratic party of the USA Joseph Biden and Republican Donald trump.

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