Even in their wildest dreams, the fans would never have thought of. While the production of the film was due to start at the end of the month of February, Pursue News revealed a few weeks ago that the filming of Black Widow will not start before the end of the month of June. An additional period that will allow the studio to Disney to flesh out his cast, which one knows to this day that the main role of the black Widow, who returns to Scarlett Johannson.

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on Wednesday, The Hashtag Show revealed that a second role, described as “a James Bond Girl who tears up”, for which an actress should be physically able to “hold the road” alongside the black Widow, is under discussion. It would be neither more nor less than Emma Watson, that the saga of Harry Potter has made famous, which embodied the iconic Hermione Granger. Since then, the british actress has made its way, as well at the cinema, and outside, by its commitment to the fight for equality between men and women, through HeForShe. Black Widow would be his great return in a franchise, become, also, a cult. At a time when the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) tends to want to develop the diversity and “girl power”, especially with Captain Marvel , in which Brie Larson excels, this film would fit with his commitments.

Emma Watson is not alone in the race for the second role

If none of this has of course been confirmed by Marvel Studios, Emma Watson would be part of a list of a number of actresses were approached for the role. Among them, three young actresses, including two of them have made a strong impression during the auditions of casting.

Alice Englert, Dar Zuzovsky and Florence Pugh (left to right) are also approached for the role. Abaca/AFP

The first would be Alice Englert . Age 24, the young woman from new zealand was revealed in Sublime Creatures (Richard LaGravenese), in 2013, in which she played the lead role alongside Jeremy Irons and Emma Thompson. It will soon be on Netflix in a new series entitled Ratched . Then, Dar Zuzovsky . Actress and model israeli, the young woman of 28 years has been seen in the hit series Hostages (Noa Danon), broadcast on Canal + in 2014. The last, Florence Pugh , is a british actress of 23-year-old will share the screen with Emma Watson, among others, in The Four Girls of Doctor March on January 8, 2020.

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Directed by Cate Shortland and Brad Winderbaum, Black Widow should not be out before 2020, since the end of filming is now scheduled for next September. By then, it will be possible to find all the super-heroes of the MCU, in any case, what remains of it, in Avengers: Endgame . Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo with Scarlett Johanson (Black Widow), Brie Larson (Captain Marvel), Chris Evans (Captain America), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), the film will be released in theaters on April 24, the cinema.