One will not make the affront to present the biography of one of the music legends of the 60’s. It is one of the survivors of a generation made up of all the excesses of all the battles and all the desires of liberation the while infusing the music production for several decades.

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Like all its congeners, the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Iggy Pop, to cite only the most well-known, it continues to occur in a tour colloquially called The never ending tour company from the end of the 80s, from country to country and sometimes by France.

Very discreet these past years even when he is the first poet musician since his creation to be rewarded by a Nobel prize for literature in 2016, it came out last year, a new album, More Blood More Tracks Vol. 14 that released the exclusive tracks from the recording of Blood on the Tracks in 1974.

Next to new, his latest studio album Triplicate released in 2017 consists of covers of american standards, years 40-50, sung by Sinatra, a register in which it wasn’t expected. Then even if the Dylan of the early days seems far away, and has gradually given place to Jack Frost that he signs in recent years these compositions, the legend, the music will not disappoint his audience in paris.

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