“He has signed! I signed!” Nothing now seems to be able to prevent the clash between Booba and Kaaris. Friday, the rappers have announced in several messages posted on social networks that the fighter of MMA (mixed martial arts), which is supposed to resolve their issues, will take place in December 2019, in Geneva.

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Okou Gnakouri alias Kaaris, 39 years old, was shot Friday by train to sign a contract on his account Instagram. Elie Yaffa alias Booba, 42 years old, reacted on the network: “I would have liked that it goes before, but the Diva and actress has decided otherwise. The essential thing is that it takes place”. MMA is banned in France.

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I signed up !! #décembre2019 #okou #gnakouri #touslescoupsserontpermis#lareglecestquilnyapasderegles

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It was signed! I’ve signed up! I wish it happens before but the Diva and actress has decided otherwise. The gist of it is that it takes place. Speak little, peace begins!!! Thank you to all @kaarisofficiel1 @shc_mma @gregorychoplinofficial @ohplai #octagon #1M5 #décembre2019 #uneseuleissue #leszhommes

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Kaaris and Booba had been sentenced to 18 months suspended prison sentence and € 50,000 fine for their ruckus in the airport of Orly. Beginning August 2018, the images of this brawl between the two men and nine of their relatives, in the hall of the airport and in front of the smartphones of passages taken aback, had done the rounds of the media and social networks.

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After many ups and downs and hundreds of insults exchanged, the fight could well take place in December, under the guidance of a promoter in switzerland of MMA fighting, the Strength and Honor Championship. It was announced at the end of march a contract for the “1.5 million euro for the winner and € 500,000 to the loser.”

the negotiation of The details will be “very difficult”, assured the promoter Raid Salah to the site Konbini , the two rappers who each other “whims”. “It’s not going to be a combat technique, but the two stars in a cage to fight in the rules, it shows that everyone can train and become an MMA fighter instead of fight in the street”.