From 15 to 18 march, at Porte de Versailles, this will be the largest library in the world. Book Paris will host more than 3000 authors in flesh and bone. This is a very important moment for the republic of letters. Vincent Montagne, president of the Syndicat national de l’├ędition (SNE) and organizer of the event, do not hesitate to say that this 39th edition “will be political”. And highlight, Figaro : “less than three months before the european elections, we thought that it was important to show the cultural dimension of Europe. This will be a major issue of Paris Book.”

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The “Village of Europe” will be at the heart of the event. Sixty writers and fifteen countries have been invited. “Europe is too serious to be left only to diplomats and politicians”, explains Vincent Mountain. Nearly 300 round tables are planned around this theme. The organizers are convinced that the dialogue between writers of different countries will be rewarding. With Javier Cercas (Spain), Erri De Luca (Italy), Orhan Pamuk (Turkey), among others, the exchanges may not be that exciting. An exhibition signed by Plantu on the Europe will bring humor and a little distance.

The presence of fifteen countries (non-exhaustive list) will allow both to discover the new faces of european literature and to understand how Europe is perceived from these countries: Belgium, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Luxembourg, the netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, and Ukraine…

In most of Europe, the city of Bratislava is being honored, while the sultanate of Oman is designated “guest country special”.

debates in all genres: novel, jeunesse, BD, thriller, history

A large living room of the book is rich in the quality and diversity of its debates. 250 discussion will be organized, including on the Big Stage, with themes relating to all the registries: a novel, jeunesse, BD, thriller, history… One can listen to a whole series of interviews on such subjects as “The art of writing”, “unlikely encounters”, “lessons of literature” or “history”.

it is Impossible to quote all the themes, the organization has, this year, sought to give a light on “literature of transgression”, with the panel discussion “The Standard and its limits”, in a thread four days of the show: the program will interrogate the ways in which literature pushes, accept or breach of the standard political, social, moral, ethical, explains it to Paris Book. It will also see how certain kinds can take taboo subjects to illustrate or cross-dressing.

3000 guest authors, that is to say that there will be something for all tastes: from the last Goncourt to the new celebrity coming to sell her book, from the most literary to the most people. On the website of the organizer, you can see an impressive gallery of portraits, starting with Josiane Balasko and up to Alice Zeniter passing by Erri De Luca or Michel Drucker. And for the autograph hunters, the same site gives the appointment “the 20 signings exceptional not to be missed!”

To know the programming and practical information:

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