A saga appalling that fascinates the readers. The second volume of the series of anticipation created by Enki Bilal, Bug , has taken over the top of the charts, a few days after its release. The story takes place in 2041, the planet is scanned to the utmost.

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Then, a mission to mars returns to earth, all the digital memory of the world disappears. Only a cosmonaut survivor, Cameron Obb, keeps all the data in his head. His daughter is abducted by a consortium of mafia island and new york eager to get this whole memory of the world ran away. The heroes will he be able to save the young woman at the heart of this chaos, apocalyptic?

In a lighter register, the new adventures of Titeuf follow suit. Small poetry of the seasons , the sixteenth installment of the series created by Zep, offers to follow the mischief of the little boy to now the powder adapted to each season. Between the fish of April of the spring, the snowmen of the winter, the memories of hot summer vacations and the distractions of the fall, Titeuf did not miss one. It is closely followed by the sixth volume of the Back to the earth, Metamorphosis, album which marks the return of Manu Larcenet, accompanied by his acolyte Jean-Yves Ferri, the use of humour.

the Best sales of the 15 to 21 April 2019 (exclusive leaderboard GFK/Livres Hebdo):

1) Bug, volume 2 , Enki Bilal editions Casterman

2) Titeuf Volume 16, Small poetry of the seasons , Zep, editions Glénat

3) the return to earth, volume 6, metamorphoses , Jean-Yves Ferri and Manu Larcenet, editions Dargaud

4) A history of the Smurfs, volume 37, The Smurfs and the dream machine , Nine Culliford, De Coninck, Diaz Vizoso, Miguel, Alain Jost, from the world of Peyo, published by Le Lombard

5) The rose red volume 15, It makes the world better , Patricia Lyfoung, editions Delcourt

6) Elves volume 24, The penal colony of Komoorth , Corbeyran and Bojan Vukic, editions Sun

7) The worlds of Thorgal, The youth of Thorgal volume 7, The blue tooth , Surzhenko and Yann editions Le Lombard

8) The patient, Timothy the Butcher, editions Glénat

9) ) Bug, volume 1, Enki Bilal editions Casterman

10) Asterix, The secret of the magic potion , Uderzo and Goscinny, after the movie by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy, design Fabrice Tarrin, editions Albert René