Accompanied by his sidekick Jean-Yves Ferri, the return to the humour of Manu Larcenet is the aura of success. The sixth volume of the Return to earth , Metamorphoses is way out in first place in the rankings for the second week in a row.

Ten years after his last adventures, Manu Larssinet is expecting a second child and starts to work on his comic Plast . Always so anxious and upset by the coming of this new child, he decides to find his father to soothe his torment. Fortunately, his wife Mary, seven months pregnant, continues to nurture her home with serenity.

Still in the registry of a comic, the new adventures of Titeuf follow suit. Small poetry of the seasons, the sixteenth installment of the series created by Zep, offers to follow the mischief of the little boy to now the powder adapted to each season. Between the fish of April of the spring, the snowmen of the winter, the memories of hot summer vacations and the distractions of the fall, Titeuf did not miss one.

the Best sales of the 01 to 07 April 2019 (exclusive leaderboard GFK/Livres Hebdo):

1) the return to earth, volume 6, metamorphoses , Jean-Yves Ferri and Manu Larcenet, editions Dargaud

2) Titeuf Volume 16, Small poetry of the seasons , Zep, editions Glénat

3) The worlds of Thorgal, The youth of Thorgal volume 7, The blue tooth , Surzhenko and Yann editions Le Lombard

4) Walking Dead tome 31, Rotten to the bone , Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Stefano Gaudiano, editions Delcourt

5) Shock volume 3, The phantom of Knightgrave: third part , Maltaite and Colman, editions Dupuis

6) U adventure classic of Tanguy and Laverdure, tome 3, Shots in the alps, Matthew Durand, Patrice Buendia and Hubert Cunin, editions Dargaud-Zephyr

7) Jason and the golden Fleece tome3, The evil spells of Medea , Clotilde Bruneau, Alexandre Jubran, and Scarlett Smulkowski, editions Glénat

8) Tantalum: and other myths of the pride , Clotilde Bruneauet Carlos Rafael Duarte, editions Glénat

9) Elves volume 23 of The taste of death , Olivier Péru and Stéphane Bileau, editions Sun

10) Cassandra Darke, Posy Simmonds, editions Denoël Graphic

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