With a million spectators with an additional one week, That is that it was yet the good God , sequel to the hit comedy about mixed marriages, keeps the first place at the box office French, according to CBO Box Office. Has the poster of 853 theaters, the adventures of the family Verneuil with Christian clavier has already earned more than $ 4.6 million of chairs in three weeks, while the overall attendance is boosted by the school holidays.The comedy of Philippe de Chauveron done as well in three weeks as The Ch’tite family Dany Boon, but slightly less in the same time as the first installment released in 2018.

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On the second step of the podium, Ralph 2.0 , new film of animation in 3D Disney studios directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, is 900,000 viewers in the first week, in front of 578 screens. The adventures of Ralph and Vanellope realize a good performance: released in 2013, the first installment of “wreck-it Ralph”, had attracted a mere 320.000 spectators eight days after its release.

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Third in the standings weekly, Alita: Battle Angel , film american science fiction directed in 3D by Robert Rodriguez, in live action after the manga Gunnm created by Yukito Kishiro, has awarded more than 782.000 tickets in the first weeks, 519 rooms. In the United States, the film was propelled to first place at the box office upon its release.

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In the fourth position, the animated film Dragons 3: the Hidden World garnered nearly 730,000 chairs additional with a total after two weeks of operation to nearly 2 million entries.

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Nicky Larson and scent of Eros , comedy of Philippe Lacheau, which is adapted from the animated series cult of the 90’s, closing the Top 5 with over 424,000 seats in front of 579 screens, allowing him to surpass the one million entries from the second week.

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