British Prime Minister urged not to rewrite history for the sake of anti-racism

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged to “fight racism, but to leave alone the legacy”, commenting on the desecration of the monument to Winston Churchill, which vandals daubed racist slogans.

As Johnson wrote in a column published in the Telegraph newspaper, modern Britain is “the product of a set of ideas and beliefs, not all of which seem good in the current realities.” He noted that Churchill during his long career had different views, and although in the late nineteenth century negative perception about Islam, but in the 1940-ies built a Mosque in Regent’s Park. In addition, as emphasized by Johnson, Churchill opposed the “racist tyranny that is without resistance, which he provided, was swept over the country and the rest of Europe.”

Johnson emphasized that “cultural landscape” should not be correct, or “edit” because it may lead to the distortion of history, and noted that you need to deal with the problem of racism, not with the monuments of the era. He also announced the creation of the intergovernmental Commission, which will consider all aspects of inequality in employment, education, in the medical field and in other fields.

we will Remind, on Friday the city of London due to fears of vandalism has closed the plywood boards monuments to Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela and the memorial Cenotaph in honor of those killed in the First world war.

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