here’s a funny idea ! The Forum des Images launched a festival dedicated to the laugh. The first edition of the strange festival, will be held in the institution nestled in the heart of the Forum des Halles in Paris, from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 April. The event will honor the humor in an eclectic program, with alternating screenings of comedy classics, and workshop organizations of dubbing and theme evenings… the public will have the chance to rediscover Guy , on Friday at 20.30 in the presence of Alex Lutz (winner of the César 2019 best actor), and The Bronzed are skiing, the Saturday at 21: 30 with Patrice Leconte. To supervise the event, the programmers have appealed to the filmmakers Nicolas Charlet and Bruno Lavaine, “CEO” of the festival. In this funny interview with the Figaro , the duo, screenwriter of 99 francs , returns on its path, corridors sanitized of their fictitious company Cogip dubbing archive of pornographic films.

The films in “A funny festival 2019”. Capture

LE FIGARO. – What is your role as CEO of the Funny festival?

NICOLAS CHARLET. – We improvise a little, because this is the first time that we are sponsors of a festival. For this first edition, we have just baptized the projections, because we are very plugged in sacrament! Our film, The Person to two people will be screened at the opening. In closing, this will be In search of the Ultra-sex . There will, of course, a feast of the slip where the public will be able to consume drinks and food inspired by the movie…

what is it that you enthusiasm especially in the programming?

NICOLAS CHARLET. – The presence of Alex Lutz and Patrice Leconte… But also the stand-up and exhibitions of the review Geezer. We look forward to the screening of Guy that we absolutely loved. His character made us think of an extension of Gilles Gabriel, the lead singer of variety has been played by Alain Chabat in our film The person to two people . For the film’s release, we wanted to bring this false star of the 1980s, in the unconscious mind popular. We had made a fake clip, had trays to Cannes and had even announced his death to the radio on the day of the release of the film!

BRUNO LAVAINE. – At the time, we had formed her entire discography on MySpace. As if there really were. We had even called for real musicians to record his hit, the Blur of thee .

basis of the Cogip, the company’s imagination that can be found in your films, you were a contractor well before we speak of the “start-up nation”. The world of business, you have worked before in advertising…

NICOLAS CHARLET.- The world of business, it is a medium that fascinates us. All these role-playing games, such organizations are necessary…

BRUNO LAVAINE.- We find this coercion. A form of loneliness to a number that is both comic and tragic. We try to convey that in our films across a vintage aesthetic.

All the world can recognize as in 99 francs , the film by Jan Kounen based on the novel by Frederic Beigbeder which you have signed up the scenario?

BRUNO LAVAINE.- We have had a lot of scenes in the film with Frederick, as we worked with him in the pub at the time he wrote the novel. We were interested in this idea of a character who seeks to flee the world in which it evolves, a theme that speaks to many people and that we had developed in our following movies. It’s beautiful and ridiculous at the same time.

NICOLAS CHARLET.- We were very inspired by the movie I’m going to crack ( François Leterrier, 1980, editor’s NOTE ) with Christian clavier. The story of a guy who decides to become a writer after his dismissal. There is a duality bourgeois bohemian, funny and touching at the same time. It’s a bit like if the character decides to do the revolution with moccasins tassels…

You have completed four films, starring Daniel Auteuil, Alain Chabat, Marina Foïs, Fred Testot, Benoît Poelvoorde and others. Who, among them, proved to be the more “corpo”?

BRUNO LAVAINE.- Fred Testot is very hard to set the mood, create a positive dynamic and to weld a team on a shoot.

NICOLAS CHARLET.- On The big bad wolf , Fred has been very hard to manage the tensions and problems inherent in the filming. God knows that there can be a lot! Alain Chabat, also. On The person to two people , he was our mentor, our actor and our producer. We have had the good sense to lock her in a cage, sound-proofed during the whole shoot, or twelve hours per day for nine weeks. The only contact with the outside world, he had a microphone and a screen relaying pictures from the film set.

BRUNO LAVAINE.- That enabled him to actually play. As if he really was in the head of Daniel Auteuil, which is the case in the film.

How did the idea of your “messages of an informative nature”, which were broadcast in the broadcast Channel+ anywhere else and will be screened before each film of the Funny festival?

NICOLAS CHARLET.- Since we met in second grade, we always wanted to do the film. We recorded the films that we liked as The father Christmas is a junk or An elephant that misleads enormously on audio cassette. We knew the replies by heart.

*Funny festival, an initiative of the Forum des images. From 18 to 21 April. Address: Forum des Halles, 2 rue du Cinéma – Porte Saint-Eustache, 75001 Paris, france. Tel: More information on the event on the site of the Forum des Images.