Butchers: Walking according to the schedule in Moscow is a necessary decision in the current situation

the chief Physician of the Moscow hospital No. 71 and the head of the Information centre on the situation with coronavirus Alexander mjasnikov has explained why Moscow could not immediately lift all restrictions imposed to prevent large-scale spread of coronavirus infection.

According to Myasnikov, the proposed authorities of the capital walks on the schedule — reasonable and necessary decision in the circumstances.

“despite the fact that all of us are tired, I want at will, any reasonable person should understand that after such a great period so simply to take and all the produce is — it is impossible, and no country did not. This, of course, will follow immediately flash and the extension of restrictive measures. Any quarantine implies a gradual exit, by definition,” said the doctor AGN “Moscow”.

butchers Also stressed the need to use masks and gloves that protect both the person and others. In particular, according to him, the gloves protect hands from the harmful effects of antiseptics, which in the current situation it is necessary to apply often. However, the expert explained, the gloves should be disposable after use must be discarded because they remain infectious (not only coronavirus). If you neglect to change gloves, there is a risk of infection on all surfaces, to which the person touches.

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