It was more than that. While Leaving Neverland overwhelms Michael Jackson serious charges of child pornography, and here was Janet, his sister, refuses to take his defence. After The Sun , a source close to the family revealed the details of a conversation that the clan of the king of pop would have had it.

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“last week, members of the Jackson family have been long discussions about the documentary and the impact it could have on the cultural heritage of the singer, tells the source to the tabloid british. Everyone wanted Janet published a press release condemning the documentary because it is the artist most well known of the family after Michael.”

Janet Jackson wants to protect his career

If Janet Jackson doesn’t want to take the word, for this near-anonymous family, the reason is obvious. “These last few days, several of his relatives have expressed their desire that it take the word and an advocate for the innocence of MJ. But the career of Janet has always been made in distinction to with her family and she will continue to do so. His family is convinced that his silence says a lot but she just doesn’t want to go on this field. Finally, she does not know what happened and do not think that it is his responsibility to judge anything.”

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Broadcast on HBO in early march, Leaving Neverland has been a real earthquake in the media and degrades more than ever the image of Michael Jackson. If some fans continue to loudly proclaim his innocence, and try to honor his memory, the result is without appeal. In the beginning of the week, the ranking Billboard revealed that the sales of albums and singles from the artist, including during her period Jackson 5, were down 4 % and the numbers of streaming, audio and video, dropped 5 %.

To this was added a denial in the media on the part of some radio stations who have made the decision to no longer broadcast the songs of the king of pop on their waves. It is the case of three stations in quebec. Side people the canadian rapper Drake in concert this evening in Paris, just remove Don t Matter To Me of his set list. Added to this is the removal of one of the episodes of the Simpsons, aired in 1991 where the performer Beat it lent his voice to a character.

Leaving Nerverland will be released in France on Thursday, 21 march to 21 hours, on M6.