It was expected at the turn. Kad Merad will not be disappointed in the boots of master of ceremony. The comedian hosted the 44th Night of the Cesar, on Friday night at salle Pleyel. Associated with endless award ceremonies very often interspersed with jokes missed, and the discourse stodgy addressed to “the great family of the cinema”, the job was risky. The actor has risen to the challenge in a rather convincing along the evening uneven.

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Blackface Freddie Mercury, a tribute to the film of Bryan Singer’s Bohemian Rhapsody , Kad Merad has made a sensational entrance on the scene. In this opening sequence to the ridiculous 100% assumed, the comedian has praised Robert Redford – present to receive a Cesar of honor – or lamented the absence of Isabelle Adjani’s time for a medley inspired by the tunes of’ Another Bites The Dust and We Will Rock You .

He then hailed Franck Riester a way that is rather inelegant. “We have the same start problem”, he launched to the minister of Culture, pointing out her hair loss. The humorist then sent a series of fake questions to the minister, in reference to the great national debate: “Why the best French actors are they Belgian?” or “How to turn an action movie with a Kangoo?”


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If these jokes were not always fly, the comedian will be generally well drawn on the whole of the ceremony, rather long. He proposed a few funny sequences, like the presentation of Gérard Darmon (MaoZedong almost convincing), its false call with Vladimir Putin or Jamel Debbouze (full fake filming with Woody Allen) or by improvising patron of a service station adjoining the salle Pleyel.

Kad Merad has also worked extensively with moments of light, when the traditional tributes to personalities from the world of cinema disappeared in the course of the year (Bernardo Bertolucci, Milos Forman, Charles Aznavour, Michel Legrand, Pierre Rissient, Maria Pacôme…). During the delivery of the Caesar of the public (Olivier Baroux for Les Tuches 3 ), the comedian has given in to a moment of emotion, prompting her father to hand over the prize to his former bandmate in the duo of The Big Issue “Kad’s and O’s”.