This is already a non-event. The Tuche 3 will certainly be rewarded with the César for the public this evening at the salle Pleyel during the 44th ceremony of French cinema. Directed by Olivier Baroux, the film worn by Jean-Paul Rouve et Isabelle Nanty has met 5.628.590 entries. The family of Bouzolle dominates little Dany Boon ( The Ch’tite family ), winner of the trophy last year, to Raid Crazy .

A price devoid of meaning, especially this year. Introduced in 2018 by Alain Terzian, Caesar must reward the French film with the most admissions in room. A way for the Academy to spread a little of his grand-annual mass, often accused of privileging a film elitist and out of touch with the tastes of the French. The gesture is commendable to overcome the suspicions of the self.

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as much as three musicals are competing in categories such as are those for best film, best actor or actress and best director. It is Guy , freedom! and The deep . Among them, none could hope for the price to the public. The deep has been losing a million entries by Jeff Tuche and his family. These feature films have created the unanimity with the profession, while it was more mixed with regard to the latest adventures of the Tuche .

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Oscar, the trophy of the public, which had, until a few months ago, to allow the movies of the superheroes to win a statuette has been abandoned. Death in the egg. Black Panther is true that is still in the running to be voted the best film of the year.

Tuche 3 [VF] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

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In France, the Caesar of the public would not he the price of hypocrisy? Or a quirk, to which the Academy des César has ended. We remember in 2009 the outcry that Dany Boon has caused in arriving at the 34th ceremony, decked out in a top-of-suit and jogging bottoms neon orange. The reason for his anger? The ignorance of the great family of the cinema vis-à-vis his film seen by… 20 million viewers.

perhaps it would have been necessary at the Academy to create a true Caesar of comedy, as it exists at the Globes de Cristal? Rather than dress up for this reward, that we could rename it the “price of the most wholesale public!”

The 44th annual ceremony of Caesar, presided over by Kristin Scott Thomas and moderated by Kad Merad, live on Canal + this evening, at 21 hours.