this is it! The 44th edition of Caesar, which takes place tonight at the salle Pleyel in Paris, is launched. Master of ceremony, Kad Merad has opened the dance with a medley of covers from Queen, its sauce for the occasion. Kristin Scott Thomas, president of the jury, took his suite, to declare open the ceremony, after a speech concise. The great mass of the French film promises to be particularly festive.

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First prizes awarded, one for best hope female presented to Kenza Fortas for the Scheherazade . She was the opposite of Galatea Bellugi for The apparition of Xavier Giannoli, Jehnny Beth, for impossible love , Ophelia Bau for Mektoub my love and Lily Rose Depp for The faithful man of Louis Garrel. The youngest of the class, to 17, the winner on the verge of tears reminded us that “This Caesar, you deserve it all. This Caesar is to my mother that I love more than anything in the world”.

Followed by the prize for the best photo, awarded to Benoît Debie for the Brothers and Sisters . A first César for the film Audiard.

double for Scheherazade who also won the award for most promising male, given to the young Dylan Robert . The lucky one thank the whole team of the shooting. “Having a Caesar is welcome in the professional world of cinema.” Before the list of his loved ones… and to end on an exclamation enthusiastic.

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the trophy for The best assembly is then awarded to Yorgos Lamprinos for to the hilt , named ten times by the Academy, followed by one of the best sound, awarded to Brigitte Taillandier, Valérie De Loof and Cyril Holtz for Brothers Sisters by Jacques Audiard.

Neither the judge nor subject , adapted from the issuance Strip Tease by Jean Libon and Yves Hinant is awarded best documentary film of the year. Scheherazade continues its momentum, with the César for the best first film , awarded by Jean-Bernard Marlin: “This is a movie for people who still struggling”.

the prize for the best adaptation, delivery by Niels Arestrup, is given to Andrea Bescond and Eric Métayer for Tickling : “Thank you for having given visibility on this topic. Maybe one day we will be breaking taboo, it is going to break the silence, maybe we will really talk and listen to our children. Maybe one day this crimes around children will be a distant memory and a bad and I hope to be alive to see it,” says Andrea Bescond. The film had been discovered at Cannes in the un certain regard section.

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Ugly girl of Ayce Kartal is sacred best short film-animation film. Dilili in Paris by Michel Ocelot wins the César for the best animation film, a first distinction for the filmmaker. “Live girls and women, live men and boys, this is how it’s done humanity a harmonious way. I don’t know to speak to the crowd, it is for this reason that I make films. All I want to say I say in Dilli ” he says to the public.

As expected, The Tuches 3 is awarded the César for the public. He had collected more than five million spectators in the cinema. “We’re going to start to turn 4 in January and we are going to take this Caesar in our tours in the province and allow the public to be photographed with. Perhaps even that we are going to make plastic replicas to take home with them,” has launched Olivier Baroux.

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Pierre-Jean Larroque won the award for best costumes for his works in Mademoiselle Joncquières . Followed by Michel Barthélémy, awarded the César of the best scenery for Brothers Sisters .

to the hilt won his second trophy of the evening, presented by Monica Bellucci, in the category of best original screenplay. Mounted on the stage of the salle Pleyel to receive the statuette, the director Xavier Legrand has used his speaking time to remind that “since the 1st of January, twenty-five women have been murdered”. “It is time to think about it on a day other than the 25th of November,” he concludes.

After a tribute to Charles Aznavour by the singer Eddy de Pretto, the prize for the best short film is awarded to the film by Remi Allier, small hands .

Karin Viard won the trophy for best actress in a supporting role for Ticklish Andrea Bescond and Eric Métayer: “I wanted to be a part of this history, this role of mother is awful and toxic, which condemns her daughter for a second time by not listening to not. I wanted the play to denounce it my way.” Karin Viard was opposite to Isabelle Adjani for The World is yours , Audrey Tautou for Freedom! , Leila Bekhti for The deep and Virginie Efira for The deep .

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Introduced by Kristin Scott Thomas, “the emblem of the american cinema” to the beauty that has melt more than one” Robert Redford , has received its award of honor on the stage of the salle Pleyel. “As we get older, time passes more quickly. The future changes into the past. I was reminded always of these experiences in paris as a young artist. I am very touched by this honor.”

Sacred best actor in a supporting role, Philippe Katerine won his first César for The deep his first nomination by the Academy. “It is no matter what,” he joked, before adding: “John Hughes had said to me you’ll have a Caesar and this is not a man to be fuck the world”. This is the first award of the evening to The deep , Gilles Lellouche, yet named ten times this year.

Vincent Blanchard and Roman Graft won the award for best original music score for Guy Alex Lutz. The César of best foreign film is a remis then A family affair of the japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-Eda.

The four grand prix

In the category of best actor of the year, Alex Lutz won her first statuette “golden”, for his film Guy . It raffle the update, Edouard Baer for Mademoiselle de Joncquières , Vincent Lacoste for Amanda , Gilles Lellouche for Pupil , Pio Marmaï for Freedom! , Denis Ménochet for to the hilt and Romain Duris for Our battles . “To put all the chances on my side, I got the hair cut of Romain Duris. I’ve had the chance to be able to invent, and I hope that this will continue.”

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Jacques Audiard is crowned best director for his film Brothers and Sisters . A favourite of Caesar, the lucky noted that, after 23: 30 thanks become all the same boring. During his thanks, he paid tribute to his rivals unhappy: “If I do a film it is because you make it. Continue and I will still from time to time”.

Léa Drucker provides a third reward to to the hilt , winning the César for best actress. In this drama a naturalist on a background of domestic violence from Xavier Legrand, she plays a mother in a divorce who suspects her husband, played by Denis Ménochet, to commit acts of violence on their son (Thomas Gioria).

Xavier Legrand won the coveted César for the best film of the year for to the hilt . The fourth of the evening for the film, which comes even with Brothers and Sisters to Audiard.

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The list of winners of the 44th night of the César

(in bold the winner of each category)

● Best hope female

Kenza Fortas for Scheherazade of Jean-Bernard Marlin

Dylan, Robert and Kenza Fortas won the prize of the best hopes of the year for “Scheherazade”. THOMAS SAMSON/AFP

Ophelia Bau for Mektoub My Love of Abdellatif Kechiche

Galatea Bellugi for The Emergence of Xavier Giannoli

Jehnny Beth for impossible love

Lily Rose Depp for The faithful Man of Louis Garrel

● Best photography

Benoît Debie for Brothers and Sisters

Alexis Kavyrchine for The Pain

Laurent and a Tangerine for The deep

Nathalie Durand for to the hilt

Laurent Desmet to Mademoiselle de Joncquières

● Best hope male

Dylan Robert to Scheherazade

Karim Leklou for The World is yours

William Lebghil for First year

Anthony Bajon for Prayer

Thomas Gioria for to the hilt

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● Best editing

Yorgos Lamprinos for to the hilt

Valerie Deseine for Ticklish

Isabelle Devinck for Freedom!

Juliette Welfling for Brothers and Sisters

Simon Jacquet for The deep

● Best sound

Brigitte Taillandier, Valérie De Loof, Cyril Holtz for Brothers and Sisters

Cedric Deloche, Gwennolé Le Borgne, Marc Doisne for The deep

Julien Sicart, Julien Roig, Vincent Verdoux for to The hilt

Antoine-Basile Mercier, David Vranken, Aline Gavroy for The Pain

Yves-Marie Omnès, Antoine Baudouin, Stéphane Thiébaut for Guy

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● Best documentary

judge Or subject by Jean Libon and Yves Hinant

The trial against Mandela of Nicolas Champeaux and Gilles Porte

America of Claus Drexel

every moment Nicolas Philibert

The Grand Ballroom by Laetitia Carton

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● Best first film.

Scheherazade of Jean-Bernard Marlin

love blur by Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot

Ticklish Andrea Bescond and Eric Métayer

to the hilt of Xavier Legrand

Wild of Camille Vidal-Naquet

● Better adaptation

“Ticklish” Andrea Bescond and Eric Métayer stands out in the category of best adaptation. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP

Andrea Bescond and Eric Métayer for Ticklish

Emmanuel Finkiel for The Pain

Jacques Audiard and Thomas Bidegain for Brothers and Sisters

Emmanuel Mouret for Mademoiselle de Joncquières

Catherine Corsini and Laurette Polmanss for impossible love

● Best animated short film

Ugly girl of Ayce Kartal

in The heart of the shadows Alice Eça Guimarães and Mónica Santos

The death, father and son of Denis Walgenwtiz and Winshluss

Raymonde or escape vertical by Sarah Van Den Boom

● Best animated film

Michel Ocelot won his first César with the statuette for best animated film for “Dilili”. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP

Dilili in Paris by Michel Ocelot

Asterix: the secret of the magic potion by Louis Clichy and Alexandre Astier

Pachamama of Juan Antin

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● Best costumes

Pierre-Jean Larroque for Mademoiselle de Joncquières

Anaïs Romand and Sergio Ballo for The Pain

Milena Canonero for Brothers and Sisters

Anaïs Romand for Un people, and its king,

Pierre-Yves Gayraud for The Emperor of Paris

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● Best set design

“Brothers Sisters” of Jacques Audiard wins among his trophies one of the best sets. WildBunch

Michel Barthélémy for Brothers and Sisters

Pascal Le Guellec for The Pain

Emile Ghigo for The Emperor of Paris

David Faivre to Mademoiselle de Joncquières

Anaïs Romand for A people and its king,

● Best original screenplay

Xavier Legrand for to The hilt

Alex Lutz, Anaïs Deban, Thibault Segouin for Guy

Gilles Lellouche, Ahmed Hamidi, Julien Lambroschini for The deep

Jeanne Herry to Ward

Pierre Salvadori, Benoît Graffin, Benjamin Charbit for Freedom!

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● Best short film

small hands of Rémi Allier

Les Indes galantes of Clement Cogitore

Kapitalistis Pablo Muñoz Gomez

Let me dance of Valérie Leroy

Braguino of Clement Cogitore

● Best actress in a supporting role

Karin Viard was awarded Best actress in a supporting role for “Ticklish”. GONZALO FUENTES/REUTERS

Karin Viard for Ticklish

Isabelle Adjani for The World is yours

Audrey Tautou to Freedom!

Leila Bekhti for The deep

Virginie Efira for The deep

● Best actor in a supporting role

Philippe Katerine for The deep

Philippe Katerine wins its first Caesar with his role in “The Big Bath” by Gilles Lellouche. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP

Jean-Hugues Anglade for The deep

Damien Bonnard to Freedom!

Clovis Cornillac for Ticklish

Denis Podalydès for to Please, to love and to run fast

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● Best original music

Vincent Blanchard, Romain Registry for Guy

Anton Sanko for Amanda

Camille Bazbaz for freedom!

Pascal Sangla Pupil

Gregoire Hetzel for impossible love

Alexandre Desplat for Brothers and Sisters

● Best foreign film

A family affair of Hirokazu Kore-Eda

Cold War Pawel Pawlikowski

Three Billboards, the signs of vengeance Martin McDonagh

Capernaum of Nadine Labaki

Hannah by Andrea Pallaoro

Our Battles of Guillaume Senez

Girl of Lukas Dhont

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● Best actor

Alex Lutz for Guy

Alex Lutz, winner of the grand prize for best actor for his role in “Guy”. Capture Channel+

Edouard Baer for Mademoiselle de Joncquières

Vincent Lacoste for Amanda

Gilles Lellouche for Pupil

Pio Marmaï for Freedom!

Denis Ménochet for to the hilt

Romain Duris Our battles

● Best director

Darling of the ceremony, Jacques Audiard has won for the third time, with the César for the best director for “Brothers Sisters”. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP

Jacques Audiard Brothers and Sisters

Gilles Lellouche for The deep

Alex Lutz for Guy

Xavier Legrand for to the hilt

Jeanne Herry to Pupil

Pierre Salvadori for Freedom!

Emmanuel Finkiel for The Pain

● Best actress

Léa Drucker defies the competition and takes home the prize for best actress for “to the hilt”. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP

Léa Drucker to the hilt

Virginie Efira for impossible love

Adèle Haenel for Freedom

Melanie Thierry Pain

Elodie Bouchez for Pupil

Cecile de France Mademoiselle de Joncquières

Sandrine Kiberlain for Pupil

● Best film

The Caesar coveted best film goes to “to the hilt” by Xavier Legrand. BERTRAND GUAY/AFP

to the hilt of Xavier Legrand

The deep of Gilles Lellouche

Guy Alex Lutz

Pain Emmanuel Finkiel

Freedom! de Pierre Salvadori

Brothers and Sisters Jacques Audiard

Pupil Jeanne Herry