Scandal on the Croisette! Just started the organization of the Festival de Cannes is in the heart of a controversy, after having prevented the director british Greta Bellamacina to reach the Palace with his son of four months. The reason for this? Her baby did not have accreditation. “I’m astounded by the absurdity of this attitude is reductive,” says the filmmaker come to present his new film, Hurt By Paradise , the Marché du Film. As if women directors were in need of new barriers in the race to equality in our industry”

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The Guardian reports that according to Greta Bellamacina, the festival was first denied access to his son on the site. Then, after “a discussion tense,” she has been allowed to seep into the area of accreditation after you have informed him that his stroller should go through another entrance. The filmmaker tells us that the people on site have announced that her baby of four months need a accreditation delegated, costing 300 euros. A whopping for a new-born, the young mother agrees nevertheless to pay, ” says the british daily, before she was asked to leave the premises: the procedures for this kind of badge taking 48 hours.

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“It’s ironic, my film tells the story of a single mother who tries to balance his life as a writer,” adds the filmmaker. It is treated in a very condescending in the movie, but not so rudely as I was today as a mother at the Festival.

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This excess of zeal of the security services of the festival comes at a time when the organization was announced in the month of April facilitated access to professionals with children. The program “Parenting at Film Festivals” in place is a network of support for parents of the movie industry, required to move regularly during the fortnight. A place, The Red Ball, their is even booked and offers accreditation additional – and free – for a nanny and a baby, as well as a nursing room and baby-sitting services. This location also has easy access to pushchairs and young children.

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“Unfortunately, Ms. Bellamacina was not aware of these new facilities, explains the organization of the festival. Due to poor communication on the part of a member of the security and reception, an access that should be granted to him has been denied.” The organizers deplore this situation” and ensure “work from to solve the problem”. It teaches you that Greta Bellamacina has obtained the badges and the necessary access. Everything seemed to go in order.

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