five days of the opening of its 72nd edition, the festival de Cannes is preparing to receive a guest of weight. Sylvester Stallone will unveil the first images of Rambo V: Last Blood , which is scheduled in cinemas on 25 September 2019. In a press release published this Wednesday, the direction of cannes has announced that a montage made as a tribute to the career of the actor, as well as the restored version in 4K – ultra high definition – of Rambo: First Blood , the film’s original 1982, will also be disseminated on this occasion. This special session will be held on Friday, may 24, at the Palais des festivals, the eve of the closing of the week at cannes.

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As he did during the first four episodes of the saga, Sylvester Stallone has participated in the writing of the script of Rambo V. to Be a new race-pursuit to attempt to pull it from the clutches of a cartel, mexican the daughter of one of the relatives of the old soldier that he is… since 1982. He shared the poster with Paz Vegan, interpreter of Callas in Grace of Monaco , released in 2014. And, in the face of the indefatigable veteran, Spaniard Sergio Peris-Mencheta, jaw marked and stature of a boxer, will play the role of “bad guy”.

In the first Rambo , Sylvester Stallone plays a former Vietnam war came into open conflict with the police of the small town of Washington State where he lives. The situation degenerated until the intervention of his former trainer in the army, colonel Trautman. That the show, in the following films, to conduct missions sensitive in Asia, from Afghanistan to Thailand.

according To the information of the Hollywood Reporter , the shooting of the last installment took place between the Canary islands, London and Bulgaria. If he said it was definitely put away the boxing gloves of Rocky Balboa, “Sly” Stallone hasn’t said whether there would be a new suite.

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The interpreter Rocky is a regular on the Croisette. His appearances there are often unnoticed. In 2014, come to present the blockbuster The Expendables 3 , where Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford and Jason Statham roll of the mechanical, the team of the film visited the Festival hall perched on gleaming armored military. Any parade, the most famous veteran of the cinema reserve-t-il this time for its arrival at the bottom of the stairs?