a Few weeks after his disappearance, the Cannes film Festival has decided to pay tribute to the talent of Agnès Varda in choosing a photo for the less iconoclastic director for the poster of the 72nd edition. The image has been taken during the shooting of his first film The peak short , in 1954. Director monte, in equilibrium, on the back of a wizard to give height to her plan.

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It is at least August of this year. Agnès Varda is 26 years of age. Dazzled by the radiant sun of the summer , at Sète in the district said of The short wedge, Silvia Monfort and Philippe Noiret live a fragile love in an authentic decor where you can see fishermen and women in full labor.

With little means but with a lot of tricks and spirit of the invention, Agnès Varda, then official photographer of the Festival d’avignon and the NPT of Jean Vilar, throws with The Peak short – presented in a room of the rue d’antibes in Cannes during the Festival in 1955 – the first fruits of a young auteur cinema, which will soon have a name, the New Wave.

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On the poster for Cannes 2019, we see such a balancing act, Agnès Varda, in full light, at the top, Perched on a technician impassive. The camera absorbs all his attention. Such a manifesto, this photo tray holds already all what will be the course director, an artist in the freedom, that it will enrich constantly.

Agnès Varda liked to recall: “I am not a woman filmmaker, I am a filmmaker.” She came often to Cannes to show their movies: thirteen times in the official selection. She has also been a member of the Jury in 2005 and president of the jury of the Camera d’or in 2013. When she received a Palme d’honneur, in 2015, she spoke with modesty of “resistance and endurance, more than honor”. In order to dedicate her award “to all the filmmakers inventive and courageous, those who create an original cinema, fiction or documentary, that are not in the light but continue.”

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This poster is also for the Cannes a way of extending its commitment in favour of women, especially since the revelations of the case of Weinstein. On the 12th of may last, Agnes Varda, on the red carpet of Cannes, was the head of the 82 women calling for “wage equality” vis-à-vis their male counterparts. “Four-twenty-two, this is the number of films made by women invited to compete at the Festival de Cannes since its creation in 1946, it was explained it. At the same time, 1688 men were able to climb these same steps. The Palme d’or was awarded to 71 directors, too numerous to be cited here, and only 2 women. There has been that of Jane Campion, (for The piano Lesson , in 1993, editor’s NOTE) and me (golden Palm for the whole of his career in 2015, editor’s NOTE). I would also like to point out, that that of Jane Campion, was ex-aecquo, and my fee.”

After this homage to Agnes Varda, it remains for us to await the announcement of the official Selection, 2019, by Pierre Lescure, President of the Cannes film Festival, and Thierry Frémaux, the general delegate. It will be unveiled on Thursday , April 18th, at 11am in the morning…

The Peak short , Agnès Varda, shot in Sète in 1954, on the screens in 1955, with Silvia Monfort, Philippe Noiret, and the fishermen of the Edge short in Sète…