He takes a taste, and we also. Édouard Baer re-enlist. The actor, 52-year-old had already played the masters of ceremony on the Croisette in 2008, 2009, and 2018. Here it is again selected to introduce and to close the Cannes film Festival. “Like last year, I will not have authors. I am going to inspire me for my show,” he says in the Paris .

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His speech of ceremony are tasty. We listen to Edward Baer, one is delighted to see it handle so well the verb. “The jury is now complete. You do not take part. You are not a good side. When it was screwed up in your career?”, lance-t-il to the public to conclude his opening speech at the 71st edition. King of the improv and eloquence, Édouard Baer also knows how to move, as in his closing speech, an ode to cinema and Cannes: “it was beautiful this spring!”, was felt-it. Flights memorable that we are saving benefits sometimes terribly boring. One can understand why the direction of Cannes attaches to it.

Back on the stage

Currently in theaters with The class Struggle by Michel Leclerc, in which he played the father of a family left, a member of a punk band, Baer looks back on the boards.

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The screenwriter, director and author of plays, will perform from 18 April at the Theatre Antoine in Paris, The Rantings of a man suddenly struck by the grace . The text, written entirely by his care puts in scene a man is dreaming in Casanova, Bukowski, Thomas Bernhard, or Romain Gary. A new part and a return after a three year absence. The last appearance on scene of Edward Baer was in 2016 for pedigree of of Patrick Modiano.