The challenge was size. Put it at the top of the poster, a super-heroine without scaring off the general public. AvecWonder Woman and Gal Gadot, a step has been crossed in 2017. It must, however, admit that this blockbuster was not really living up to the expectations: too digital, with a plot too mundane, the film by Patty Jenkins has had a nice break records at the international box-office, it left a taste of unfinished business. This time, after much hemming and hawing (he was first a question of adapting Black Widow…), Marvel in turn reports to the glove.

Marvel is betting on the “mestizaje”

In choosing to bring to the screen the life and fate of Captain Marvel, this driver earth who finds himself accidentally propelled into another world, become a warrior Kriyas, Marvel is betting on the mixing of races. A “story of origin”, associated with a war film classic, set on Earth, but also a space opera galactic with a dress neat and decorations quite sumptuous.

first and foremost, it is important to the writers of the Marvel of staging a super-heroine believable, touching, torn between two worlds: the Earth and the farthest reaches from the galaxy, where the demi-gods will be fighting for the world to shots of lasers, stones, screw conveyors and other cubes cosmic blue irradiating (in this case, the Tesseract, a form of unlimited energy alien, who appears and disappears at the discretion of the various Marvel movies). The humour is also very present: especially thanks to an amazing chat baptized Goose, which we already know that it is going to become the equivalent of Baby Groot Guardians of the galaxy.

anchorage-welcome to the 1990’s

The great advantage of the young Brie Larson (wonder girl spotted in State of Grace , Room or The Castle of glass), it is that it slips in the combination of Captain Marvel with unbelievable ease. She brings to her role a beautiful humanity, a form of vulnerability is counteracted by the impression of power, deaf that force compliance. The other idea which gives the film a touch unusual and rather welcome is its anchor in the 1990s, early enough pitiful of the Internet and the “joys” of downloads that last for hours…

of course, inducting a heroine empowered, with powers overlapping the human mind, the team at Marvel studios finally put in place a central piece of a puzzle that should find its peak with Avengers : Endgame . Captain Marvel is the missing link in women with more than one title, because it was necessary to find a female leader worthy of Captain America or Iron Man to lead the Earth to victory against Thanos. Like Robin Williams, alias John Keating in The Circle of poets missing (1989), include the unforgettable verse: “O captain! my captain!”, from a poem eloquent and patriotic of Walt Whitman, as a rallying cry to engage this Captain Marvel… to do wonders !