His words had been controversy in the past year, in defending the “freedom to annoy” the men and asked the women “do not feel traumatized forever by a track in the subway”. Catherine Deneuve redone to talk about it in an interview with Paris Match , on the occasion of the release of Farewell to the night , by André Téchiné. Inside of the interview, the actress from the Last metro renews its support for Roman Polanski, convicted of molestation on a minor 13 years of age, and will not care to know if his remarks on #MeToo shocked or not.

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“That the people are angry with me or they will be disappointed, this is not my problem, introduces the actress. As in the case of Roman Polanski, this is a textbook case. The way he has been treated is unacceptable. It has more than paid. I think that in this story, a lot of women are blinded by their feminism and don’t even know in detail the facts legally speaking.”

Then, the reporter from Paris Match evokes Woody Allen, another filmmaker controversial by a dark case of paedophilia on his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow, that he would have attouché when she was a child.

“I’d love to shoot with him, he is a man of immense talent. I don’t see why I would not agree to it. That to me would prevent it?”, concludes Catherine Deneuve a provocative touch.

The sides of Kacey Mottet Klein and Oulaya Amara, Catherine Deneuve is currently the poster of Farewell to the night . Directed by André Téchiné, the film tells the story of a woman whose grandson is preparing for the Jihad.

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