Celine Dion will release a new album and perform his first north american tour in over ten years, both entitled Courage , has announced the quebec singer, who is currently completing a long residency in Las Vegas.

Time to hit the road ” (“this is the time to take the road”), launches the vivacious artist in a video posted on its official website, while placing a cap embroidered with the word “ Boss ” (“patroness”), in letters in silver. “ Ciao for now, Las Vegas! ” (“see you soon, Las Vegas”), is it written on the mirror of her dressing room when she gets up and leaves the scene, a smile on her lips.

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She then takes the wheel of a truck, the back of which is a look-alike of Elvis Presley, which is typical of Las Vegas, as well as a middle-aged woman in front of a slot machine, also typical of the city of vice. Resound the notes of what seems to be a new song of Celine Dion, very electronic and danceable, in which she intones: “ I’m Flying on my Own ” (“I fly” single).

In residence in Las Vegas for the past sixteen years, stay marked by several cuts, Celine Dion will leave the capital of the game after a last concert, on 8 June, the Colosseum, the theatre of the casino of Caesars Palace. It will be launching its tour of forty dates on September 18 at Quebec, for the conclude on march 13, 2020, in Pittsburgh. The album, entitled Courage, as the tour, should be out in November, according to the singer, aged 51 years.

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The last tour of Celine Dion in North America dates back to 2009, in the framework of the world tour ” Taking Chances “. She has since made several tours in other regions of the world. The first part of his residence in Las Vegas, ” A New Day “, from 2003 to 2007, holds the record in the matter, with $ 385 million of revenues to the counter.

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a Few months after the death of her husband, René Angélil, who died on January 14, 2016, Céline Dion had announced the upcoming release of an album in English, which has finally seen the light of day until three years after. It had to contain a song written by the american singer Pink in tribute to the husband of the star québec. The diva has been forced to cancel several concerts in 2017 and 2018 because of his state of health.