She sang about not wanting to be All by myself in 1996. Twenty years later, her agency turns her back. In an internal memo obtained by the media u.s. Billboard , the diva, canadian Celine Dion is accused by his own talent agency, ICM Partners, not to pay his commissions, despite the agreements signed on this subject. Called to answer before the justice, the singer loses at the same time the support of the man who defended his interests as an artist since the beginning of his career.

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“As many of you know, Rob Prinz has represented Céline Dion for over thirty years, including the contract without the previous $ 500-million, which has brought him to perform on stage for several years and that it was signed in 2017,” says the internal note of ICM Partners. “Unfortunately, Ms. Dion refuses to pay the rest of the commissions it owes to the agency in connection with this historic contract.” The company claims to have done “everything [it] possible” to resolve this matter “amicably”, in vain. “With all the admiration and respect that we owe to his extraordinary talent as an artist, we have no other choice than to make the unfortunate legal prosecution, in order to claim the financial compensation that is due. Therefore, we will attempt to take more.”

The renaissance of Caesars Palace

The famous contract at the centre of the controversy is, beyond the immense amount that it has committed, to the origin of a real turning point in the industry-american music. Led by Rob Prinz to the sides of the deceased husband and manager of Céline Dion, René Angelil, the agreement was signed by the renaissance of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. It was then no longer a question of a concert, but real performances of theatre, between artistic innovations and technologies.

“Before it begins there his residence (from 2003 to 2007, ED ), Las Vegas had become a sort of cemetery of elephants to the artists in the end of their career, they were going to die,” explained the artistic agent to the journalists of Billboard in October 2016. “Now, everyone wants a residency in Las Vegas. It is amazing how [Celine Dion] and this agreement have transformed the market.” The interpreter of My Heart Will Go On celebrated its thousandth concert in the city of Nevada, in the framework of his second residence launched in 2011 and expected to be completed by next June.

Celine Dion : The date of the end of his residency in Las Vegas unveiled – Watch on Figaro Live

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At the end of the year 2020, the biopic Famous dedicated to the life of Celine Dion and directed by Valérie Lemercier should go to the cinema. The time for the international icon to release this new album that she plébiscitait already last September. And find another talent agency, and we still like him.