After The Mystery of Henri Pick of Rémi Bezançon, where he stood a tv host how Bernard Pivot, Fabrice Luchini has again found a role to its measurement in Alice and the mayor . The filmmaker Nicolas Pariser has imagined a character ideal for the actor who has found the opportunity to carry high and strong the verb and its verve.

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The actor, who triumph at the théâtre Montparnasse in Paris with his show writers speak money endorse the costume of Paul Théraneau, the mayor of Lyon who is short of inspiration and motivation for the exercise of its function. To remedy this, he recruits a young and brilliant student of letters, Alice Heimann, the superb Anaïs Demoustier. His mission? Proposing ideas to elected officials. Influenced by Eric Rohmer, Nicolas Pariser promotes freedom of expression and the exchange between the two protagonists does not lack spice. The veteran fort thirty of policy and the béotienne who finds this environment for the first time, confront their thoughts on the policy, but even more about life and how to conduct it.

in Turn, the pilot and co-pilot, Paul Théraneau and Alice Heimann, engaging in oratory worthy to be heard in Parliament. The first one has less fiscal policy. The second does not cease to be surprised of the gap that separates the desire to change things, and the impossibility to implement the projects as commendable as they may be. The tandem is enriched each other. In front of and behind the camera urging you, Fabrice Luchini and Anaïs Demoustier were made to give the reply. The public will discover at the output of this comedy very written and removed the 2 October.