Welcome to Pandora. Toruk – The First flight takes place on planet imaginary, 3000 years before the adventures of the film Avatar of James Cameron, which this year celebrates its ten years old (it came out in 2009). Tour the world for three years, with the last show of the Cirque du Soleil arrives in Paris. At the centre of the immense complex of the AccorHotels Arena in Bercy, a backdrop of mountains and a central scene in the shape of a flat rock as the track.

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visual Show

The troop canadian has had the approval of Cameron to create a new story around the universe of Avatar . The three Na’vi, those blue creatures occupying Pandora, parties in search of the “Toruk”, a flying monster. The terrible pterodactyl is the only hope to protect the sacred tree of souls with a devastating natural disaster.

The “Toruk”, king of the tunes on Pandora. ERRISSON LAWRENCE PHOTOGRAPHY

A classic scenario, and of large means. The set design is effective. The tables and choreography, strung together with several atmospheres with the projection of the visual effects and scenery moving. Fans of Avatar will find the ingredients that have made the success of the film. One marvels at the fireflies and the ballet of kites. The costumes designed by Kym Barrett are successful, the play of light compelling, the music and the songs tribal catchy. But the scene is lost in the middle of the room hubris of Bercy (though reduced by half). The gaze also wanders off. It’s hard to fully immerse themselves in the universe.

If sound and light contribute to the show, what is it like in the circus? With a few acrobatics and aerobatics, glide to the rope and balance, physical prowess is lacking. The numbers of fire are replaced by leds flashing. Security Question may be. Absence of magic, surely.

Disneyland under a tent screen Capture of the application provided to you during the show. Screenshot/Michael Naulin

The false good idea of the new creation: an application to make the show more “immersive”. A quarter of an hour before the start of the first part, a small voice speaks to you: “Hey you! Do not hesitate to download the app for Avatar to be actor of the show!” An app to track representation. Little attractive. But we play the game. Two minutes later, a second voice is heard in the speakers of the stadium. More solemn. “For the respect of the artists, we would like to remind you that it is forbidden to take the show in a photo, video, and live video”. How ironic!

Every 15 minutes, the application sends a notification. Animations appear on your screen. It is necessary to turn to the stage to create a visual effect class. A flash creates the stars, the eyes of wolves appear… be on your screen, you wait for the next alert. Thirty people downloaded the application. The desired effect is not at the rendezvous. And of course, portable by hand, some can’t resist a photo or video to social networks.

The artistic respect would be to leave his phone off in his pocket. How to enter in a universe of the nose on a screen? Grace, turn the power off. Ah, wait, one last warning: “Don’t forget to go for a ride to the shop!”.

● Up to 14 April in the AccorHotels Arena. Rates: 50.48€ to 106€. cirquedusoleil.com