Citizens, paganisim sausages on the Eternal fire in Kronstadt, have toughened criminal charges

the Result changed the qualification of the criminal case of the citizens who fried sausages on the Eternal fire in Kronstadt. Now violators face a more severe punishment. Earlier in the materials featured an article about the vandalism.

“At present, the actions of these individuals changed to paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 244 of the criminal code (desecration of tomb structure),” — said the press service of the investigative Committee in St. Petersburg.

Note that this qualification involves the deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years. The previous article mentions a maximum punishment of three years imprisonment.

Recall the night of may 24, a man and two women decided to cook hot dogs at the Eternal flame. The age of offenders varies from 23 to 36 years. The police believe that citizens “desecrated the memory of historical events, and is also dedicated to the memory of the object of cultural heritage”. Themselves accused persons called the act foolish and explained to him the levity.

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