To include Claude Lelouch in a folder dedicated to retirement could be a role against the job. A 81-year-old, the director to the 49 feature-length films is a very busy man. He is working on two films, including one shot with a mobile phone. If it is certainly not retired, he has much to say on the subject. And the art of ageing well.

Le Figaro Magazine – You have turned a part of your next film, “The Most Beautiful Years of life”, in a retirement home. A choice and a title that may be a surprise.

Claude Lelouch – It is a film about the passing of time and more precisely on the force of passing time. “The Most Beautiful Years of life” is a epilogue of”A man and a woman”, with the same actors, Anouk Aimée, Jean-Louis Trintignant… And the same children, Souad Amidou and Antoine Sire. The passing of time has not only disadvantages. It is a movie that I wanted to be very optimistic to talk about a love story in fifty years.

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