With a programming-as imposing as the previous editions, Coachera has created the event throughout its first three days of concerts, between 12 and 14 April. The performance of the artists expected to be on the main stage were broadcast live on YouTube, for the pleasure of the internet users. Back on the highlights of the first weekend of the festival of music the most influential in the world.

● A child’s play to Childish

headlining the event and expected a firm footing, especially after his absence was noticed at the ceremony of the Grammy awards, Childish Gambino has marked the minds of so many ways this year. During her performance, the artist wanted to pay homage to the rappers Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle , as well as his father, all three died recently.

Very close to its public, he did not hesitate to descend into the crowd to share a joint with one of the festival goers. After having asked his age, and the insured does not feel compelled to accept because of the “100,000 people around”.

On Saturday, the rapper has offered to all of those who have accepted a photo sent by AirDrop a pair of Adidas sneakers in the design created by his care and still unavailable for sale.

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● new recruits are the show

The (very!) young Billie Eilish triumphed over the top of its 17 years on the main stage at Coachella. With a scenography neat, its performance has been praised by the magazine Variety , who saw in her delivery as “the last show in club a star in the grass before she joined the court of the greats”. It should be noted the participation in particular of the couple of choreographers to the world-renowned indisputable Keoni and Mari Madrid.

The other new recruits who drop out by the way the couronnne of artists most discussed on the social networks this weekend, the four members of Blackpink , the first group of K-pop to occur at Coachella since the creation of the festival. A historical performance that has won over the public in a flutter of eyelashes. The next month, they will play in front of a sellout crowd at the Zénith of Paris.

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● The French Touch to the appointment.

DJ Snake has once again transported to the american public and even created a surprise by inviting the singer Selena Gomezsur stage with the rapper Cardi B, to sing Taki Taki . It had been nearly a year that the former star Disney had not been together. Lupus, Selena Gomez was on hiatus after having been interned in the hospital. Weakened mentally, the singer was away from the limelight after having undergone an operation consequent.

The French pop is also always appreciated by the american public. Chris (formerly Christine and the Queens), is back on stage for the first time since 2015. Jain , meanwhile, has made a debut rather successful on one of the scenes side of the festival.

● Clashes galore

This year again, technical problems have hurt some performance. Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj have suffered the consequences. During their delivery, no return in the atria of the singer, and his guest had to settle for a micro down several times. “The mic is crappy”, she let go of Nicki Minaj for her verse of rap. “It means nothing!” exclaimed in his turn, the interpreter of Thank U, Next . Despite the difficulties encountered, the two singers have managed to keep the smile in front of the public.

Far different scenes of the festival, a fire is also fired into a block of mobile showers in one of the areas of the camp where sleeping festival-goers, who were promptly evacuated. The fire was contained without that no victim is to be deplored.

● Internet Generation

The country is definitely full of surprises this year. The singer Kacey Musgraves took advantage of his time on stage to troll the crowd. “When I say ‘Yee’, you say ‘Haw’,” says she, handing the microphone to the crowd, who was quick to play its role. “P*tain I did not even say ‘Yee'” replied the great winner of the Grammy Awards. Broadcast live on YouTube, the episode very quickly taken over by the internet accounts for already more than 4.5 million views on the web.

Another great moment of complicity between artist and audience: to everyone’s surprise, the american DJ Jauz held a promise made last November by playing in front of thousands of people with a remix of Baby Shark , song for a child who has toured the world for several months. Jauz has not stopped there, and turned the piece into another, much more iconic still of the internet culture, Sandstorms of Darude. A genius idea which has delighted both fans and spectators, from their couch.