Brittany has seen a surge in positive Covid-19 tests, leading the nation with a positivity rate of around 28%. The resurgence of the virus is being felt in pharmacies across the region, with the Omicron variant being identified as highly contagious but causing milder symptoms compared to previous strains.

Pharmacies in Brittany are reporting an increase in demand for tests, self-tests, and positive results. Florian Duval, a pharmacist in Rennes, mentioned that he is conducting around ten tests per day, with an average of two positive results. Despite the rise in positive cases, Duval reassures that the numbers are relatively low, stating that while there has been a tenfold increase in positive tests, the impact is minimal.

The Sentinelles network confirms this observation, reporting that the incidence rate of acute respiratory infections seen in general medicine consultations in Brittany was estimated at 434 cases per 100,000 inhabitants last week. These infections include not only Covid-19 but also other respiratory illnesses such as the flu and other viruses.

Patients presenting with symptoms resembling a cold, such as a runny nose, muscle aches, and low-grade fever, are the most common cases seen in pharmacies. The mild symptoms associated with the Omicron variant have resulted in very few severe cases requiring hospitalization.

Despite the mild nature of the symptoms, the number of emergency room visits in Brittany has slightly increased compared to the previous week, with 77 visits recorded. This represents 0.5% of all emergency room visits in the region across all age groups.

Pharmacists are emphasizing the importance of vaccination, especially for high-risk individuals and those experiencing Covid-like symptoms. Vaccination clinics are being held weekly in pharmacies, with 20 to 25 people signing up for vaccinations each week. The Ministry of Health, through the Regional Health Agency of Brittany, recommends a high vaccination coverage for individuals over the age of 65, advocating for dual vaccination against the flu and Covid-19.

In conclusion, while Brittany is facing a resurgence of Covid-19 cases, the region is working diligently to manage the situation by encouraging vaccination and testing for those experiencing symptoms. The mild nature of the Omicron variant’s symptoms provides some reassurance, but vigilance and proactive measures remain crucial in containing the spread of the virus.