Criminal case about mass infection of shift workers in a dormitory on the Yamal Peninsula

the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district opened a criminal case on violation of sanitary-epidemiological rules, which led to mass disease of people in the hostel “Tundra” in the town of Tarko-sale coronavirus infection.

As reported in the district Prosecutor’s office, the leadership of the IGS group of companies (the”Investgeoservis”) contrary to the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological legislation, 79 employees placed on the 14-day observation in the hostel “Tundra” where there were no means of isolation of residents. The result was a mass infection of citizens.

After checking the criminal case was initiated under part 1 of article 236 of the criminal code (violation of sanitary-epidemiological rules which entailed by negligence mass disease of people).

As reported earlier edition of “ЯмалPRO” hotel “Tundra” has been equipped for accommodation of shift workers contractors before sending it to the company’s fields of NOVATEK in the framework of the project “Yamal LNG” and “Arctic LNG”.

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