Criminal case about the collapse of the railway bridge in the Murmansk region

the Investigation Committee opened a criminal case upon a collapse of a railway bridge across the river of Kola in the Murmansk region.

According to Severo-the Western investigatory management on transport SK of Russia on the eve of the collapsed span of the railway bridge on the stretch of the stake — Closed on the October railway. No one was hurt. Investigators have not yet put forward their versions.

According to prosecutors, the metal railway bridge was commissioned in 1930, the repair works (reconstruction) was completed in 2014, the bridge rests on five pillars.

on the Eve of the emergencies Ministry reported that the bridge began to blur on Saturday, when due to the melting snow began to rise the water level in the Kola river and increased its flow. As a result, the average bearing broke and the axle was broken in half.

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