Daughter of Ephraim apologized to the family of Sergey Zakharov, who was killed in an accident involving her father

the Daughter of Michael Ephraim, who was responsible for a deadly crash in the center of Moscow, appealed to the family of the deceased in this accident, Sergei Zakharov. Anna Maria asked me, her interview was published Wonderzine.

“Vitaly, Irina, Alla Narimanovna and all close to Sergei’s people! For my part, I offer my condolences and sincere apology. It is very difficult to find the correct words, because there are no such phrases that could help you to bring back a loved person,” said Anna Maria. She added that she had tried to contact the Zakharova family through his employer, but nobody answered.

the Girl said that her father was “not feeling well”. According to Anna Maria, “he can’t make any public statements without the approval of the lawyer.”

“it was Unpleasant to visit a father for the first time since the tragedy because of the huge congestion of journalists at the door. <...> Of course, I hate to see insults to my father or my mother. Nobody has the right to insult the man,” added Anna Maria.

Daughter of Ephraim, Anna Maria, today came to the apartment, where, under house arrest is an actor. She spoke with our correspondent. pic.twitter.com/HfnNXYiBdQ

— Moscow 24 (@infomoscow24) June 11, 2020

Earlier, on June 12, for forgiveness from the family Zakharov asked Efremov. He stressed that he hopes for forgiveness, and expressed a desire to help the family of the deceased “by all means”.

Recall that the SUV driven by a drunk 56-year-old Yefremov, on the evening of 8 June at the Smolensk square was on the opposite lane and collided with a mini-van with a 57-year-old employee of a delivery service Sergey Zakharov. The driver was hospitalized in serious condition and on the morning he died.

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