LE FIGARO. You’ve just released your first album, A Place We Knew

Dean LEWIS. – Yes, I am very glad that the disc is finally out. I spent two long years working on it. I am nervous, excited, happy, all at once. This is five or six years I think about this moment obsessively. I was still working on it less than two months. The single Waves me has opened a lot of doors, especially with the success australia of this song.

What do you expect from this album?

I’m naturally ambitious. I want to play in front of large audiences, of course. But the most important thing is to write songs that sound right for me and the audience. On the disk, I also included pieces authentic, more raw, which to me represent a lot without being of the singles power. I have tried to balance between the tubes and intimate pieces.

How did you get the taste of pop songs?

I learned to write songs by listening to Oasis. I must have watched all the videos acoustic Noel Gallagher. I have always been attracted by its melodies are so simple. For the writing of words, I was very inspired by Bruce Springsteen, including the tube Dancing in the Dark , which has changed my life. I love his texts. It allows you to visualize what is happening. I use the same technique on my songs Stay Awake and Seven Minutes , that speaks to me a lot.

You have waited the thirty to pierce.

At the beginning, I thought that my songs were evil. I need encouragement to continue. But on my first night “Open Mic” (night with open microphone), I sang in front of 10 people who paid no attention, except to a moment of the song that I was most proud of at the time. At that moment, I told myself that maybe I had something. I was not particularly suitable for the music, it came to me then that other opportunities were escaping me.

What is t-he australian in your music?

I am closer to the british music, from the Beatles to The Verve. The first time I played outside of my country, it was in the United States. It is one of the worst memories of my life. I asked myself if I was really made for the music. I still have a lot of challenges. There must be only five groups of australians who have had success in Europe and the United States. This is when my song Be Alright is output as the rest of the world has opened its doors. It was beyond my wildest expectations.

You come sing with us with a group for the first time.

Yes, I am delighted. I’ll be with three friends from Australia. The last time I was alone on the guitar. I’ll finally be able to play songs such as I designed them.

Dean Lewis, La Cigale 120 bd Rochechouart (Xviii).Tel.: 01 49 25 89 99. On April 2, 2019 to 20 h. Place: 30,70 €.