Overview to Trainspotting 2 , the actor of 42 years, Bradley Welsh has been found dead on Wednesday, 17 April, was killed by a shot to the head in a street in Edinburgh. According to the information of the newspaper the Independent , the police revealed to have found the actor dead and very badly injured at Chester Street, in the West End area. The scottish government have launched an investigation and a call to witnesses to try to determine the circumstances of his death.

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Revealed by the movie Trainspotting 2 Danny Boyle, released in 2017, it embodied the character of Mr. Doyle alongside Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, or Jonny Lee Miller. The film followed the return of Mark Renton in Edinburgh. This is his only movie role, but Bradley Welsh has also made an appearance in the documentary Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men , in 2009.

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In 1993, Bradley Welsh had been crowned the champion of amateur boxing. He was then extensively engaged in the community and sport scotland. By opening a training room, he tried to distance young people from crime with the practice of boxing. He was also part of the Capital City Service , a group of hooligans scottish active since the 80’s. The man had done a stint in jail for extortion.

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the author of The novel Trainspotting , Irvine Welsh, has hailed the memory of the actor on Twitter. “My heart is broken. Goodbye my amazing and beautiful friend. Thank you for making me a better person and have helped me to look at the world in a benevolent and wise”.