Felicity Tomlinson, the influenceuse british and the sister of Louis Tomlinson, died Wednesday noon at his apartment in London after a heart attack, reports The Sun. She was of the age of 18 years. An autopsy and toxicology tests will be carried out to determine the exact causes of this disappearance.

according to the british newspaper, the ex-singer of One Direction is “devastated and upset”. If he has not yet responded publicly, he decided to cancel his coming in the show for Comic Relief on Friday on BBC1. He was there to promote his new song, Two of Us.

The site american people TMZ tells that the artist was very close to her sister who had a total of over one million subscribers on Instagram. Two years ago, they had lost their mother, Johanna Deakin, swept away by a leukemia stunning. The last track of the ex-member of the boy band hit him besides tribute. After the announcement of the death of Félicité Tomlinson, the hashtag “Fizzy”, the nickname of the young woman, was one of the most mentioned on Twitter.

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