The Prodigy should do a world tour to promote their seventh album No Tourists , released in November 2018. The electro band british announced Wednesday the cancellation of all of their concerts, two days after the death of their lead singer Keith Flint. Present in 2009 at the festival des Eurockéennes, The Prodigy had to sign his big comeback after ten years at the festival of Belfort, in closing the event on Sunday 7 July. It was also programmed to the Feast of the noise in Landerneau on August 10, and at the festival Suikerrock in Tienen (Belgium) at the end of the month of July.

The leader of the punk style, was given the death at his home in Dunmow in England, Monday, march 4. He was regarded by the group as “a true pioneer, an innovator, a legend.” A true powerhouse on stage, he was at once a dancer, composer and singer. Performer of the song Firestarter , ranked number one in 1996, it allows The Prodigy to achieve success in the world. Formed in 1990 by Keith Flint, Liam Howlett and Maxim Reality, the group is one of the pioneers of the music big beat, which mixes techno, rock and hip-hop and acid house. Alongside The Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method, and Fatboy Slim, The Prodigy has popularized the electronic music in the years 1990 and 2000.

Many artists have paid tribute to the artist, 49-year-old on the social networks. Daniel Avery has been described as a “great man”, while Ed Simons, of the electro duo britannique The Chemical Brothers, has announced the loss of a”titan”.