A sweet song me singing my mom… Maurice Pon, the author of the famous nursery rhyme of Henri Salvador, The Wolf, the doe and the knight , died Wednesday, April 3 at the age of 97 years, the company announced editions of the crooner who died in 2008.

Songwriter as prolific as inspired, Maurice Pon has written for more than a half-century more than a thousand songs for Henri Salvador ( to work, it’s health , My Pretty little flower …) , his interpreter, fetish, but also for Bourvil, Marcel Amont, The wild Cats ( Tell me if this is love ), The Brothers Jacques, Michel Fugain, Nana Mouskouri ( Thee that I was creating ), Rika Zaraï, and Marcel, Upstream ( Spring is ), which préfacera his memoirs, entitled with spirit: My sweet song with Henri Salvador: memories of a man of words.

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Maurice Pon was born in Bordeaux in October 1921. Multi-instrumentalist training (drums, violin, guitar) he settled in Paris, aged twenty years to do theater.

He was met quickly by Henri Salvador with whom he will become friend and will work for nearly 60 years, writing over 250 songs, among which we can mention: The wolf, the doe and the knight – more known under the title inspired by his chorus A sweet song in 1950 -, My song (1950), The bee and the butterfly (1956), The little indian (1956), my island , and of course the playful, The work is the key to health .

In the years 50, he also wrote a series of comedy sketches with Claude Amy for France Inter, “Tales wacky”. Maurice Pon then turned to the song for children by creating, at the end of the decade, the disks Kazoo. In 1983, he won the prize of the song to children of the SACEM.

In the years four-twenty-ten, the author will be less present but will write however to the television of tales for children. It was one of the oldest members of the Sacem (since 1947). And it is in the enclosure of this useful and venerable institution in 2003 that he will receive from the hands of his colleague and friend, Michel Rivgauche the legion of honor. The knight Maurice Pon can now return in peace, the paradise of lyricists where the wait Henri Salvador and the other great authors of French-language song by humming his immortal rhyme: this sweet song I want to sing for you, too, o my sweet, Until the end of my life, Until the end of my life….

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As a tribute to his talent as a lyricist Le Figaro this, below, the interpretations of Henri Salvador of two great songs by Maurice Pon: A sweet song and the work it is health.

The wolf, the doe and the knight sung by Henri Salvador

to work, it’s health sung by Henri Salvador